Elizabeth II “charmed” by Michelle Obama: why the ex-First Lady was able to break protocol with the Queen

In 2009, while her husband was President of the United States, Michelle Obama met Elizabeth II at Buckingham Palace. If the wife of Barack Obama had made controversy by kissing the Queen of England, the American journalist Ashley Pearson made new revelations on the underside of this meeting in the documentary Michelle Obama: Forward Motion. She said: “There was a stage later where Queen Elizabeth invited Michelle to sit in the back of her Range Rover with her. And when Michelle hesitated, the Queen told her: ‘You have warned that you can’t do that? ‘ And when she said, ‘Yes’, the queen said, ‘Anything, you can sit anywhere you want.’ “

In this documentary, the reporter subsequently assured: “So it seems that, despite everyone in the world panicking that Michelle put her arm around the Queen, the Queen was charmed – much more – by Michelle Obama. ” After meeting Elizabeth II and Prince Philip, Michelle Obama said she was pleasantly surprised by their warmth and kindness. In the columns of People, she said: “At the time, we were still getting used to the pomp and circumstances of the White House – and my mind could barely capture the grandeur of Buckingham Palace. the queen and prince philip were warmer and kinder than i ever imagined from the briefings we received or the stories i read in the paper or watching the evening news. “

Michelle Obama has a lot of affection for Elizabeth II

Last April, it was following the death of Prince Philip that Barack and Michelle Obama had referred to the authenticity of the couple in a press release. Referring to their first reception at Buckingham Palace, they had shared: “As two Americans unaccustomed to palaces, we didn’t know what to expect. We shouldn’t have worried. The Queen and Prince Philip Immediately put us at ease with their grace and generosity, turning a ceremony into something much more natural, if not comfortable. “

Michelle Obama and Elizabeth II © EXPRESS SYNDICATION

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