His Majesty offered himself an outing … in the greatest of secrets! Since last October, and her overnight hospitalization, Elizabeth II had not left the walls of Windsor Castle. Finally, that’s what we thought! Because according to information from the Sun, the Queen of England was seen in the streets of London and without a cane. “Everyone was worried about the Queen after she went to the hospital,” a witness said. “So it was great that she was out and on her feet and appearing under her. Better day. Hopefully being up in London is a sign that we will see her again soon for engagements. ” Before her short and disturbing hospitalization, Elizabeth II had honored two official engagements with the help of a cane. This discreet outing is therefore a sign that Her Majesty’s health is improving.

Even if Queen Elizabeth II has good reason to smile, the 95-year-old monarch is particularly worried. Because of the outbreak of the coronavirus epidemic, she was forced to take drastic action. While she is delighted to be reunited with a large part of her family in her Sandrigham estate to celebrate the end of the year, she has had to forgo the traditional Crown meal. A complicated choice, which was blown to him by the chief medical officer of England, Professor Chris Whitty, who wants to prioritize the events “which really matter” to avoid the risk of infection. The event was to take place in the next few days at Windsor Castle and reunite his extended family, before a small circle took over Norfolk.

Elizabeth II: will she be able to spend Christmas with her family?

In these troubled times marked by a very aggressive fifth wave, Elizabeth II is not the only one to have had to adapt. Like her, Kate Middleton and Prince William have announced that they have canceled all plans for Christmas in order to be able to spend time with Queen Elizabeth II. The Cambridges, along with Prince Charles, Camilla Parker Bowles and Prince Edward have all decided to give up their holiday plans so they can be with the Queen on Christmas Day. The question now is whether everyone will be able to meet in Sandrigham. “Lunch is very important to The Queen as it is the one time of the year when the whole extended family gets together. Having canceled that lunch I would be very surprised if she would come and take her family to Sandringham,” said , pessimist, his ex-press secretary. Windsor has been a security bubble since the start of the pandemic. “

Elizabeth II © Agency

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