Elizabeth II appeased: confinement brings her the “first rest” of her life

There is at least one that containment arranges. While the United Kingdom was placed under total containment on January 4 to counter the contagiousness of the new VOC-2020 variant, Queen Elizabeth II is enjoying a well-deserved rest. The sovereign, in office since February 6, 1952, has indeed lived to the rhythm of her royal obligations for nearly seventy years. And after having traveled the four corners of the world, Elizabeth II admits to being appeased by the confinement restrictions, which have forced her to remain in her residence at Windsor Castle for almost a year now.

In any case, this is what a source close to Buckingham Palace said in the columns of the People site. “In the twilight of her life, I’m sure it’s nice not to feel so much pressure anymore,” she explains. “It may be the first rest of his life,” added a relative of the Queen. “She’s fine. She’s in good shape.”

Elizabeth II goes into confinement with horses

During this well-deserved rest, the head of the Commonwealth in particular reconnected with her passion for horse riding and her love for fell ponies. “She is truly at peace when she is surrounded by horses,” assures the rider and friend of Elizabeth II, Monty Roberts.

Since the announcement of the first British confinement on March 16, 2020, Queen Elizabeth II has made only rare public appearances. In April, she intervened on television with a speech of hope about the Covid-19 pandemic. She also made her traditional televised Christmas speech on December 25. A speech during which she once again returned to the epidemic, saluting the heroism and kindness of the British people during these times of crisis.

Queen Elisabeth II of England presented her Christmas greetings. December 25, 2020 DO NOT USE THIS PHOTO AFTER JANUARY 24, 2021 © Agence

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