Elizabeth II: an invasion of caravans under her Queen’s windows

This Tuesday, June 1, the second son of the Queen, Prince Andrew, discovered a mass gathering in front of Windsor Castle. In the morning, the prince had crossed the group in his range rover. He also benefited from a police escort. Dumbfounded, it is the prince who is the first witness to this unprecedented scene in front of the queen’s home, in the park, at the entrance to the castle. Caravans, mobile homes and motorhomes had parked in the Great Park. A situation all the more unprecedented since this private area is strictly regulated. Under normal circumstances, it is forbidden to park there and even to ride a bicycle.

This road, also called Long Walk, is free of access to walkers and joggers. However, it is strictly forbidden to drive a car on this 4 km long road. Remember that the road provides access to Windsor Castle. It also allows you to bypass the city of Windsor. It is therefore a gentle walk in a straight line to the equestrian statue of George III.

“A nomadic community of Irish origin”

There were around thirty caravans stationed not far from the home of Queen Elizabeth II. “Footage shows Windsor police, city council officials and park rangers speaking to the group and urging them to move,” read The Sun. The campers were well settled on Tuesday and last Wednesday. In fact, the images show some brushing their teeth and hanging out their laundry on the lawn.

The authorities had difficulty evicting or making the campers listen to reason. The reason being that it is a nomadic community of Irish origin, a group of Travelers. A recognized cultural minority!

Queen Elizabeth II © AGENCE

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