Disturbing news. The Covid-19 epidemic is still very present in the world and especially in the United Kingdom. On February 10, the British royal family announced that Prince Charles tested positive for the virus. It was also stated that he had been in contact with his mother two days earlier. Thus, it is no surprise that, a few days later, it was Elizabeth II who tested positive for Covid-19. The state of health of the sovereign worries since she is 95 years old. In addition, she keeps canceling her public appearances, videoconferences and scheduled events. As Buckingham Palace announced on Saturday, February 26, the “diplomatic reception scheduled for Wednesday at Windsor Castle has been canceled”, can we first read. It was the head of diplomacy Liz Truss who advised Elizabeth II. “The Queen has accepted the advice of the Foreign Secretary that the diplomatic reception scheduled for Windsor on Wednesday March 2 should be postponed,” it said in a statement. However, no reason was given for this decision, which increases the concern around the state of health of the queen.

They are worried. For several weeks, Elizabeth II has been chaining cancellations. This Thursday, the queen was to attend two hearings by videoconference but these were “postponed to a later date”, the Palace had indicated. “Her Majesty continues to perform light duties. No other engagement is planned for this week”, it was then specified. Moreover, these are rather surprising remarks that she had made during her last public appearance. On February 16, the Queen of England received Major General Eldon Millar, responsible for liaison between the Queen and the armed forces, and his predecessor, Rear Admiral James Macleod, at Windsor Castle, his main place of residence. . A video of this meeting had been shared on social networks and we could see the sovereign welcoming them, standing, smiling, with a patterned dress and a cane in her hands. If everything seemed fine at first, you could hear him say, “As you can see, I can’t move.” According to the British agency PA, the Queen of England is suffering from a “slight stiffness”, which did not seem to worry her or the royal family much.

Elizabeth II: what are her next planned appearances?

Elizabeth II continues the cancellations. However, the queen must honor major commitments in the coming days. The diplomatic meeting scheduled for March 2 has been canceled but the sovereign was to attend the Commonwealth service at Westminster Abbey scheduled for March 14 as well as the memorial service for the Duke of Edinburgh, her husband, on March 29. Will his state of health allow him to honor his commitments? No official information has yet been given.

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