Elizabeth II of England was always relaxed and fun, according to a former palace postmaster.
Mick Delaney is full of praise for the late Queen Elizabeth II of England and Prince Philip.
Elizabeth II had lent herself to an unfair but extremely amusing game with Delaney.

Mick Delaney worked at the Royal Mail from the age of 16, he confides to the Irish Mirror, reports The Mirror mentions in its article of December 6, 2022 that Mick Delaney told with fondness how Queen Elizabeth, and Prince Philip too for that matter, was “so normal in so many ways”. Mr. Delaney worked at Buckingham Palace for 19 years and has fond memories of it. “I don’t have a single negative word to say about the Queen or Prince Philip,” he said.

He explained how Queen Elizabeth II of England was a real hard worker and how “meticulous in everything she did”. Delaney also shared that the late queen could remember the faces she met years later. “She could read a room in moments and research everyone so she could talk to them with ease.” mentioned Mick Delaney. “If she met you in two years, she would ask you about your family. She never seemed to forget,” he recalled.

Elizabeth II: the Queen of England was a “very funny” queen

Mick Delaney told an anecdote that Queen Elizabeth “slapped” him with a spoon. Delaney was then in the country house of the Duke of Westminster. All the staff were downstairs having tea and chatting. A policeman from the Queen started telling them about a game Her Majesty used to play. “Your Majesty, do you remember that game with the spoon? Elizabeth II answered ‘yes’ and asked if the policeman wanted her to play the game of the spoon with the postman.

Queen Elizabeth II of England then sat down in a chair and Mr Delaney came up behind her to hit her head with the spoon he had put in her mouth. “Then it was my turn. She walked around me and hit me on the head with the spoon she was holding in her hand,” he said. Everyone in the room started laughing. Mick Delaney had realized after a few moments that he was “being slapped with a spoon by the Queen”.

Elizabeth II: "A merry fellow", the hilarious anecdote of a former employee of the Queen

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