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Elizabeth II: a disconcerting and mysterious recruitment at Buckingham Palace

It would be a bit like having James Bond at Buckingham Palace. On February 5, Elizabeth II appointed a new Grand Chamberlain, the Queen’s Privy Counselor who is in charge of overseeing the general affairs of the court and ensuring in particular communication between the Queen and the House of Lords, or between Buckingham Palace and Clarence House. A place currently occupied by William Peel, who will leave his post next March after 14 years of good and loyal service for a well-deserved retirement. And to succeed him, Elizabeth II chose Andrew Parker, reports the Daily Mail.

A choice that astonishes in the entourage of the queen, since it is none other than the former director of MI5, the British internal security agency also responsible for counter-espionage. A position he held from 2013 to 2020, he who had started his career as an intelligence officer in 1983. A past that does not seem to bother Elizabeth II, and which is even rather hailed within the monarchy for its qualities. of “judge of human nature”, “integrity”, “discernment”, and above all … discretion.

Elizabeth II’s “informers” at Buckingham Palace

It must be said that former members of MI5 but also of MI6, the famous spy service, have always been part of the walls of Buckingham Palace, but also of Clarence House. Thus from 2011 to 2015, William Nye, former head of anti-terrorism, headed the cabinet of Prince Charles. And regularly, the valets and chambermaids serve as “informers” to Elizabeth II to report to her what is happening in her own family, underlines Le Point. Like the disputes between Prince Charles and Lady Diana, while the intelligence services also recorded conversations between the Prince of Wales and his then-mistress Camilla Parker Bowles …

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