Elizabeth Hurley: her son disowned by his father’s family, misses the legacy

Elizabeth Hurley is “devastated”. A year ago, the actress learned with horror of the death of her ex-husband, producer Steve Bing, who killed himself by jumping from the 27th floor of his building. A shock for the actress, “very saddened”, but also for their son, Damian. The young man then found himself in the heart of a heated battle for the legacy of his father, with whom he had a conflicting relationship. After his birth, Steve Bing first assured that the little boy was not his before a DNA test contradicted him. Separated, Damian’s parents have long remained cold after this media quarrel. And if the producer fought for a long time against his own father to leave money for his children, they are not actually going to touch a dime. The reason ? Steve Bing’s father attacked them in court to prevent them from inheriting since they were born out of wedlock.

While a judge ruled against him in 2019, he ultimately won the case last year on appeal. Steve Bing’s two children will therefore not be able to touch a cent of their father’s colossal fortune but had to inherit the money from a “grandchildren trust” of nearly 200 million pounds created by the billionaire father. by Steve Bing before their birth. The news would have “horrified and devastated” Liz Hurley, according to what her relatives reported in the Daily Mail. “When Steve committed suicide, he died thinking his kids were going to be taken care of,” she added in a statement to the media. “What Steve wanted has now been knocked down hard. I know Steve would have been taken care of. been devastated. Steve fought really hard in his last year to have his children recognized. “

How did Elizabeth Hurley react to the death of her ex?

“He was happy beyond all hope that the verdict of the trial ruled that Damian should be treated like his sister’s children with regard to the trust,” said Elizabeth Hurley. After the announcement of the death of his ex-companion, the actress had paid tribute to him. “Our time together was very happy,” said Elizabeth Hurley, “and I publish these photos because, although we have been through difficult times, it is the good and wonderful memories of a gentle and kind man that count.” Their son, Damian, also honored the memory of his father while thanking the many people who supported him: “It is a very strange situation and I am incredibly grateful to be surrounded by family and people. phenomenal friends. “

Elizabeth Hurley and her son, Damian © API

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