For more than 20 years, they lived a beautiful love story. Gérard and Élisabeth Depardieu had met in 1970 in a theater class, and had wasted no time since they were married in stride. Together, they had two children, who also became actors: Guillaume, who died in 2008, and Julie. But the couple finally separated in 1992, Gérard Depardieu having found love in the arms of another woman, Karine Silla, with whom he had a daughter named Roxane. He will subsequently experience love stories with Carole Bouquet, Hélène Bizot and finally Clémentine Igou.

Separated since the early 1990s, it was not until 2000 that Elisabeth Depardieu began divorce proceedings against her husband. The divorce will not be finely pronounced until 2006. “When I got married, it was part of a kind of balance, at the same time as the speech that I found and the theater that I approached”, had entrusted the actor about his marriage in Elle magazine in October 2020. Despite the separation, the ex-spouses continue to have a good relationship.

Élisabeth Depardieu defends her ex-husband after his tax exile

Indeed, Élisabeth Depardieu never hesitates to step up to the plate when her former husband finds himself under fire from critics. In 2012, for example, Gérard Depardieu bought a property in Néchin in Belgium. Many people blame him for his tax exile. Among them, the Prime Minister at the time, Jean-Marc Ayrault, who qualifies this departure as “lousy”. Words that clearly did not please Élisabeth Depardieu, who had taken his defense. “When you look at the house he had chosen in Belgium, he had no intention of living there anyway. He who loves beautiful things so much, even if he can do without them. You see it. at the edge of a road, in a house like that, sinister? “, she had indicated to the microphone of RTL in January 2013

The actress had also spoken about Gérard Depardieu’s close relations with Russia when the latter was invited by Vladimir Poutin to become a Russian citizen. “People are unleashed because he represents a lot. Precisely, he represents France. It is all the more absurd to hit him like that, when it was perhaps so easy to get him back”, had -she explained, still on RTL, adding that her former husband was an “extremely unhappy person.”


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