Elisabeth Bost: these overwhelming questions asked by her son Jean after the death of his father Jean-Luc Delarue

She made heartbreaking confidences. Next August, it will be nine years since Jean-Luc Delarue died from cancer of the stomach and peritoneum. A sad birthday for Jean, his son born in 2006 from his relationship with Elisabeth Bost. In her book Growing up with absence, published this Thursday, April 22 by Robert Laffont editions, the journalist gave herself open hearted to the disappearance of the radio host. “I am Jean’s mother. On August 23, 2012, his father died of cancer. Jean was no longer a child of five and a half years, he was orphaned”, she said first written. A disappearance that had serious repercussions on his family. Indeed, while he was still young, Jean asked his mother questions: “He asked me: ‘Does death hurt?’, ‘How do you become a skeleton?’, Or even ‘Is- What does he hear from me? “She then explains. Very touched by them, Elisabeth Bost indicated in the preface to her book that she was very worried about her son.

Following the disappearance of Jean-Luc Delarue, the journalist had to face the questions of her son and it is to help him and the other children in the same situation that she chose to write this book. . In the columns of Télé Loisirs, she confided: “When my son became an orphan, I was a little taken aback: there are very few books on the subject, still taboo,” she said. ‘first asserted. “After the death of my son’s father, I looked for figures that could serve as an example. I needed to show him that, even being an orphan, one could accomplish great things. This book is proof of that. , I did it for my son and all the children in his situation, ”she then explains. Elisabeth Bost has held her role as mother for more than 14 years now and, as she writes in her preface, she “stands beside my son to help him grow out of lack, to build himself up ‘with’ absence, ”she concludes.

Elisabeth Bost: “It must continue to exist”

For the writing of this work, Elisabeth Bost was accompanied by her son Jean, who followed each step scrupulously. In the columns of Télé Loisirs, she confided the importance for her to continue to evoke the missing relatives. “That’s what I try to do with my boy, because the silence generates unspoken words and anxieties. Everyone around him, his maternal and paternal family, talks to him about his father. Not to do so would be awful. , we must continue to make exist the one who has disappeared “, she confides.

Jean-Luc Delarue and Elisabeth Bost © Guillaume Gaffiot

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