Follower of elegant looks, Kate Middleton is no exception to the rule by visiting children.
This February 2, 2023, the Princess of Wales was shown in a blouse with a bow.
Kate Middleton has chosen an original color for her blouse.

Kate Middleton and chic really are one. Once again, the Princess of Wales showed off in one of her most elegant outfits. The mother-of-three is continuing her early childhood awareness campaign dubbed Shaping Us. Prince William’s wife, 41, incidentally had a heartwarming conversation with pupils at St John’s CE Primary School in Bethnal Green , in London. On the program, only subjects at the height of toddlers. Kate Middleton had adorable exchanges with school children about hugs, cakes and ice cream.

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In the new video shared by the Princess of Wales on Tweeter and Instagram, she can be seen chatting and having fun with the children. There is a warm introduction where Kate Middleton gets to know the stuffed animals of the children present in the classroom. The rest of the program consists of watching a film on raising children’s awareness. The film also talks about the great importance of adults in the lives of children. After watching the 90-second claymation clip, Kate Middleton asks the kids about the special people in their lives. A little girl replies that it’s her mom and dad.

The Princess of Wales has released a new video showing her talking to children about the most important people in their lives as part of her #ShapingUs campaign (the girl talking about how her best friend gets her a tissue to wipe her eyes when she cries is adorable).

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Kate Middleton: the Princess of Wales is out of her habit with her emerald green blouse

For this tender encounter with toddlers aged 4 to 5 from school, the mother of George, 9, Charlotte, 7, and Louis, 4, bet on her favorite look. For the occasion, Kate Middleton, Princess of Wales, wore a pussy-bow blouse. The neck lavallière takes its name from the Duchess Lavallière. It’s not surprising to see how it suits a princess like the sublime Kate Middleton. Blouses and pussy-bow dresses, the wife of Prince William, Prince of Wales, has several. This time, Kate Middleton bet on emerald green that she contrasted with the black of her pants and her elegant pumps.

Elegant Kate Middleton: fetish look and original color in front of children

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