Eitan, 6 years old and the only survivor of a tragic cable car accident, has been kidnapped

Little Eitan, 6, was present last May during the accident that claimed the lives of 14 people. That day, in Stresa in Italy, a cable car collapsed and left no chance of survival for those inside when it fell. Except for little Eitan, then, who finds himself orphaned in the space of a few minutes.

Since the accident, her maternal family (resident in Israel) and her paternal family (resident in Italy) had been fighting over custody. On Saturday September 11, his maternal grandfather abducted him to bring him back to Israel, where he lives with the rest of the family.

“We didn’t kidnap Eitan, we brought him home”

Since the death of his parents, Eitan had been entrusted to his paternal aunt by the Turin juvenile court, as reported by Le Parisien. Her mother’s family, meanwhile, had been granted visitation rights. It was during one of those special moments that Eitan was whisked away to Israel on September 11 on a private jet. The Pavia public prosecutor’s office has opened an investigation for kidnapping, according to the Ansa agency, but the boy’s maternal family does not really agree.

“We did not kidnap him (…), we brought him home. We had to do it because we did not have information on Eitan’s physical and mental health,” says Gali. Peleg, the boy’s maternal aunt, on Israeli radio. “We brought him home, that’s what his parents wanted, they had to go home and pushed back because of the coronavirus but when they were here a few months ago, we talked to them about the return.” Amit and Tal, Eitan’s parents, had lived in Italy for several years. Their youngest son was also born there.

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