Fans of the series Eight Is Enough (Eight, that’s enough) mourn his passing. Saturday January 7, 2023, at only 54 years old, Adam Rich died. He played the role of Nicholas Bradford in the hit series. It was our colleagues from TMZ who shared the terrible news before it was confirmed by those close to the actor. According to a police source, the actor was found, dead, at his home in Los Angeles, California, by a friend of his who had come to visit him. According to the first elements of the investigation, the criminal track has been dismissed, but the causes of Adam Rich’s death have not yet been revealed.

For many years, when he was only 17 years old, the actor was fighting against a disease: drug addiction. He soon became addicted to marijuana and was forced to drop out of school. Years later, in 1989, he nearly died from an overdose of Valium. Two years later, he was arrested and charged with attempted burglary after breaking the window of a pharmacy in order to obtain drugs. Even if he had the will to turn his back on this addiction, it always ended up catching up with him.

Rest in peace Adam Rich. Such sad news. Gone too soon. Youngest Child On TV’s ‘Eight Is Enough’ Was 54 via @Deadline #adamRich

— Lydia Cornell (@LydiaCornell) January 8, 2023

Adam Rich had deserted film sets since the 2000s

By playing the role of Nicholas Bradford, he had become a real star of the small screen. For good reason, he had even managed to make the bowl cut fashionable. While many had this cut, after him he was nicknamed “America’s Little Brother”. Since the early 2000s, he was much more discreet on film sets. Since his death was made public, tributes have multiplied. Those who have filmed with him but also anonymous people express their great sadness.

Eight is Enough Actor Adam Rich Dead at 54

Adam Rich © YouTube

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