Eddy Mitchell: who is his first wife Françoise Lavit?

She was the first woman in her life. Long before marrying Muriel Bailleul with whom he has been making perfect love since 1980 and with whom he had a daughter, Paméla, Eddy Mitchell melted the heart of another woman: Françoise Lavit. If he had many fans through the success of his group Les Chaussettes noirs, it is this love of youth that the singer married in June 1961 when he was only 19 years old. Together, they settled in Noisy-le-Sec, in the Paris region, where they welcomed their first child the following year, Eddy Moine. A little boy who will then be followed by Marilyne in 1965.

Married for 18 years, Eddy Mitchell and Françoise Lavit eventually divorced in 1979, especially because of the artist’s frenetic pace of life and his numerous absences. However, little is known about this woman who stayed with the artist for several years. While he is rather discreet even today on his marriage to Muriel Bailleul, it turns out that Eddy Mitchell was never the type to talk about his first wife, who for her part remained far from show business, and of which we do not have any pictures.

Eddy Mitchell very close to his son Eddy

If life has distanced Eddy Mitchell from his first wife, the singer has always kept an unwavering bond with his eldest children, especially his son Eddy, to whom he gave a very symbolic first name. Because apart from the fact that it is his stage name, it is a first name that the artist adores. “I always dreamed that there would be an Eddy in the family. So, when my eldest was born, I took advantage of it. This artist’s name is my childhood dream when I discovered Eddie Constantine. Eddy, it comes from him: a questionable actor, but what a singer! “, He had confided in the past, revealing that he and his son notably share a passion for cinema. “For the rest, he has a very specific character, not so far from mine: he does what he wants,” he added.


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