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Eddy Mitchell: those repeated burglaries of which he was the victim

There are passions which arouse curiosity and attract thieves. Eddy Mitchell will find it hard to say otherwise. The singer, who leaves a book of remembrance written with his son, has agreed to indulge his heart in the columns of the Journal du dimanche. The opportunity for the great friend of Johnny Hallyday to confide in his excesses, money but also his passions. In particular, an impressive attraction for the USA. “Even if the American dream stopped with Bush and Trump, I still love the America of New Mexico and Colorado,” he explained in the columns of our colleagues, this Sunday, October 4. That m ‘earned a passion for guns and a splendid collection of Colt, Winchester, and Smith & Wesson. ” If he treasured his weapons, Eddy Mitchell nevertheless attracted thugs, envious of this collection worth several thousand euros. “But it also got me a lot of burglaries,” he regretted.

“One of my last valuable rifles was a chiseled silver Winchester offered by the city of Tucson to the famous Wyatt Earp (an American officer and marshal, known for his participation in the shooting of OK Corral, note) in the 1890s”, remembers Eddy Mitchell at the JDD, still touched to have been able to acquire this piece particularly prized by collectors around the world. The singer continued: “I sold it to Jacques Revaux (composer of Johnny Hallyday, Sylvie Vartan or Charles Aznavour to whom we owe in particular As usual from Claude François, editor’s note) while he was looking for a gift for Johnny “. Except that the transaction did not go as planned. “Three weeks later, Revaux called me. He had been robbed in his turn: ‘You’re not in the game?’ He asked me, says Eddy Mitchell. No, but a circuit of German dealers were indeed following me. ”

Eddy Mitchell: “I decided to get banned from the casino”

While he has long had a passion for guns, Eddy Mitchell also spent his money on properties. “I bought myself everything I wanted. And since I don’t like cars, it was houses, says the man who is the owner of a luxurious villa in Saint Tropez. At the start, I didn’t Did not have the means. Seeing that I did not have 500 bricks in front of me, the seller (…) offered me a free loan over ten years! ” But at the head of a fortune, he also experienced the flip side and a real addiction to gambling. “For years, I played, recalls the singer of 78 years, From the opening of the casino, from 4 p.m. to 7 a.m., I was at my poker table from where I was not absent only two hours for my show. I decided to get banned from the casino. More than money, I wasted time. It was one of my only addictions. ”

Eddy Mitchell © Pierre Perusseau

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