Eddie Redmayne: this crazy rumor that circulated about him at the death of Stephen Hawking

Since October 16, 2020, Eddie Redmayne has been starring in the movie Chicago Seven, available on Netflix. Currently, the 38-year-old British actor is filming for the third installment of the Fantastic Beasts saga. Interviewed by Closer, the husband of press secretary Hannah Bagshawe with whom he had two children: Iris Mary and Luke Richard (aged 4 and 2) spoke of his popularity.

“At first I had a lot of fears and worries. You never get used to being famous. You live it and you just try to deal with it as well as possible. Some times are more difficult than others,” explains the actor, before talking about a “night in March 2018, three days after the birth of his son” where he had not managed to sleep with his wife. “At around 5 am, I received hundreds of messages informing me of the death of Stephen Hawking,” said the man who played the role of the English theoretical physicist in the film A Wonderful History of Time, released in theaters in 2014. “Everyone was waiting for a speech from me, even though I hadn’t slept all night! The next day, I opened the door in socks to a courier who was bringing me a package and I found myself in the headlines … “regrets Eddie Redmayne.

An actor victim of fake news

“They claimed that I had lost my mind and that I had never stopped wandering the streets of London, barefoot, because of the death of Stéphane Hawking!” Says the actor who is not at risk of forget this mishap anytime soon, even if he believes that “it is the other side of the coin” and that it is about the “disadvantages of notoriety”.

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Eddie Redmayne © Backgrid USA

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