Eddie Murphy father of 10 children: his secrets about his fatherhood

He’s a happy dad! At 59, Eddie Murphy spends a lot of time with his ten children. If the actor is quite discreet, it is during an interview with the Mirror that he agreed to confide in them. “I’m going to be 60 in April and I have all these babies. I love fatherhood,” said the star. While he’s been working less for a few years, Eddie Murphy explained, “The whole idea of ​​going out and doing three movies a year is over … I’ve done it over and over and along the way. I have found that if you put your kids first, you never make a bad decision. When you reach a crossroads moment or have problems, you think to yourself, ‘What is this? best for my children? ‘ If you go this route, you never make a bad decision. “

Father of ten children, aged 2 to 31, the comedian revealed: “I am so blessed with my children. I do not have a single bad seed (…) My children are such normal and wonderful people – and neither of them is a stupid Hollywood kid. My kids are smart and try to do things. I’m blessed with my kids. I was really, really lucky. ” During his marriage to Nicole Mitchell, the comedian had five children: Briana (31), Myles (28), Shayne (26), Zola (21) and Bella (19). He is also the father of Eric (31 years old) born from his relationship with Paulette McNeely, Christian (30 years old) whom he had with Mel B and finally, Izzy (4 years old) and Max (2 years old), born from his relationship with Paige Butcher.

Eddie Murphy is already a grandfather!

In October 2019, it was during an interview with Le Matin that Eddie Murphy had confided: “10 children in 30 years, good average, right? (…) My eldest is 30 years old and over young is 10 months old. At home, we have 3 babies but all the others are adults over 20 years old, so I don’t have 10 children in my residence … Fortunately! I have also recently become a grandfather long, because my son Eric just had his first baby. ” Father of a large family, the actor added: “All my children were wanted for the good and simple reason that I was aware of what I was doing with their mother and the consequences that it could have. None were planned. , but I know how nature works! “

Eddie Murphy © STARMAX

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