A most sinister affair. In the United States, a 21-year-old young man was sentenced to 45 years in prison for the attempted murder of a gay man. Obsessed with serial killer Jeffrey Dahmer, who was recently the subject of a series on the Netflix VOD platform, Chance Seneca, a native of Lafayette, Louisiana, confessed to having intended to ape the acts of the serial killer.

According to the elements set out during the trial and transcribed in a press release from the Ministry of Justice, Seneca would have met his victim, Holden White, via the dating application Grindr. He then allegedly took him to an isolated house, threatened him with a weapon and forced him to put on handcuffs. He would then have tried several methods to kill him before trying to dismember him. Luckily, the victim was still conscious and managed to escape.

He wanted to kill, dismember and eat his victims like Jeffrey Dahmer

Immediately after his arrest, the budding copycat confessed, saying he was obsessed with killing gay men and aping Jeffrey Dahmer. His plan consisted in killing several homosexual men, dismembering them, eating them and preserving certain parts of their bodies, all ignominious acts committed by Dahmer between 1978 and 1991 in Wisconsin.

“The facts in this case are particularly shocking, and the child’s decision to specifically target gay men is a reminder of the harm and dangers facing the LGBTQ+ community today,” the aide said. of the General Counsel, Kristen Clarke, during the trial. “No one should face the despicable acts inflicted by the defendant on the victim in this case, added the prosecutor of the Western District of Louisiana, Brandon B. Brown. The victim never imagined falling prey to such a predator Hate crimes such as this are the province of our department, and we take such cases very seriously.”

The court notably justified the severity of the sentence received by Seneca by its determination to target its victims only by their gender and sexual orientation.

"Eat his victims like...": he wanted to imitate a terrifying serial killer

Chance Seneca © Lafayette Sheriff’s Dept.

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