Patrick Trémeau raped at least 18 women. In 2009, he was tried for the third time for rape, he was then sentenced to 20 years in prison. He was released on parole in June 2021. Flora Nicol is the 18th victim of the serial rapist. This journalist decided to come out of silence by publishing a book, entitled My letters of stamps, with Studiofact editions. She recounts the rape of which she was the victim by the one whom public opinion has nicknamed “the rapist of the parking lots” but also the long descent into hell that followed. For the release of her book scheduled for Thursday, October 6, Flora Nicol granted an interview to Parisian, this Wednesday, October 5.

A rape, committed in 2005, for which she received “30,000 euros in bodily injury for a rape that lasted twenty minutes, underground, where the dead lie,” reports the journalist. An assault that turned his life upside down. “This rape, I can’t forget it, I think about it every day”, she underlines. And to add: “In fact, he took twenty years, I took life.” Flora Nicol experienced a veritable descent into hell after her assault: “I anesthetized myself with sleeping pills to forget, then I fell addicted to medication and hard drugs. Sixteen years of getting high.” The young woman had five overdoses, several suicide attempts and thirteen rehabs. “Detoxification treatments cost me a total of more than 60,000 euros. I went to England, Scotland, Portugal,” she explains.

Flora Nicol has been clean for ten months

Today, Flora Nicol has been “clean” for ten months, she no longer takes medication or drugs. However, she knows that nothing is won yet: “They say that it is after five years that we can talk about recovery, so it is still very recent. Abstinence is just depriving oneself of products, recovery is giving meaning to one’s abstinence.” The journalist continues to fight and climb the slope for her two daughters, “it’s the most important thing in my life”.

"€30,000 for a 20-minute rape where the dead lie": the atrocious testimony of Flora Nicol, 18th victim of Patrick Trémeau

“30,000 € for a 20-minute rape where the dead rest”: the atrocious testimony of Flora Nicol, 18th victim of Patrick Trémeau © Pixabay

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