The scenes that we see in the movies can sometimes be seen in real life. This is the case of this 50th birthday party that literally turned sour. In this Shameless story, Lisa Keegan was enjoying her 50th birthday party to the fullest. Only, everything started to degenerate when his friend, Adam, 40, wanted to snatch an electronic cigarette from a teenager.

That’s when Lisa Keegan’s daughter’s boyfriend stepped in. Tony, 52, then opposed Adam to help the young boy. Of course, they didn’t settle this with words. In a video shared on the internet, we clearly see the two men, drunk, fighting on the ground, exchanging blows. Lisa Keegan did try to separate the two men, but she received a punch accidentally. Besides, we can clearly hear him shouting: “no, you hit me” in the video.

The police had to intervene

Although Lisa Keegan managed to separate the two men, Tony didn’t want to stop there and took a chair to threaten Adam. Fortunately, the Lancashire Police arrived to put an end to the chaos. After things settled down, Lisa was finally able to joke about what happened by saying that this fight was like something out of the “Shameless” series.

“You only turn 50 once and it’s definitely a birthday I’ll never forget! It was a mess,” she said. “Adam was just pissing people off, and he took [a boy’s] e-cig. Tony stood up for him, but instead of hitting Adam, he hit me “, she added. “They couldn’t hit each other because everyone was so drunk. I was in the middle of them to interrupt them, but I should have let them,” always according to Lisa Keegan.

E-cigarette sets fire to birthday party, surreal brawl breaks out © Pixabay


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