We no longer present Dwayne Johnson, wrestling star of the World Wrestling Federation (WWF) of the 90s, 1.96 muscles, who since 2001 has become an undisputed star of American cinema. But if he became a wrestler, it is thanks to his family, his maternal grandfather but above all his father, Wayde Douglas Bowles, known as “Rocky Johnson” who died in 2020 at the age of 75.

Rocky Johnson, a wrestling legend

If Dwayne Johnson is an international star, his father Rocky Johnson was what is called a legend in the world of wrestling. In 1983, he indeed marked the history of his discipline in duo with Tony Atlas, becoming the first black team to win the world championship of the World Federation of wrestling. After this feat Rocky Johnson won many victories, including becoming National Wrestling Alliance (NWA) champion. In 1983 he joined the WWE in 1983 and faced big names in wrestling: Greg Valentine, Adrian Adonis and Don Muraco fought against him among others. In 1991, Rocky Johnson retired as an athlete but not as a coach as he set out to train his son, Dwayne, who would later become “The Rock”.

It’s a success, since Dwayne Johnson has become one of the most successful wrestlers since the end of the 90s: he is WWE Champion seven times, WWF World Tag Team Champion five times, WCW Heavyweight World. Father and son are registered in the “Hall of Fame”, literally “hall of fame” of the WWF in 2008. When the announcement of his death, on January 15, 2020, many wrestlers testified to their sorrow, for the one whom they called “the great” Rocky Johnson.

Dwayne Johnson: why was his father Rocky also famous?

Rocky Johnson and Dwayne Johnson © Backgrid USA


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