Dwayne Johnson: His heartbreaking confidences about his relationship with his father, who died last year

Starting February 16, 2021, NBC will air the Young Rock series, based on the life of Dwayne Johnson. For this project, the comedian had to relive some difficult memories of his late father, Rocky Johnson, who died on January 15, 2020 at the age of 75. During a press conference hosted by the channel, the star explained, “Growing up, and you know we specifically followed these deadlines in my life which were very defining moments when I was 10, 15 and 18. . There are a lot of things between those years that have unfolded … But it was complicated and the relationship I had with my father was incredibly complicated, it was fueled by cow love. “

Recalling his childhood, Dwayne Johnson recalled, “My father was kicked out of his home at 13 and he was homeless, which shaped the man who then raised me. And in that complication came a amazing life full of travel. I lived in 13 different states when I was 13, I also lived in New Zealand. ” Moved, the comedian also agreed to discuss the representation of his father in the Young Rock series by actor Joseph Lee Anderson. “My dad died a year ago this month last year, he died suddenly, and he’s obviously present throughout the show and Joseph, he did a terrific job playing my dad,” Dwayne Johnson explained before continuing: “He would have liked that! He would have liked that and he would have been so proud because for the first time, certainly in prime time, we are presenting this world, that he and all his brothers of the ring liked. “

“Thanks to the real Rock”

In June 2018, it was on the occasion of Father’s Day that the one nicknamed The Rock had shown all his affection for the one who made him who he is today. Moved, he shared on Instagram: “Little boys by nature idolize their dad. They want to be like them, do what they do and always ask their opinion. The funny thing is that I stopped looking for my father’s approval the day I understood what it meant to be a man, to be a father. Realizing that took me to a whole new level of gratitude for this love cow he always gave me. Years later, as a man and a father, I realize that cow love is much better than no love at all. I take it. which made me the man I am. Thanks to the real Rock. “

Dwayne Johnson with his parents Ata Johnson and Rocky Johnson © FAMEFLYNET

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