This story reported by the Mirror brings an important life lesson: you have to listen to your body! On TikTok, a mother, Christina McKnight, shared her story with her followers. In particular, she advised everyone to listen to “the changes in their bodies”. A lesson she learned the hard way since Christina McKnight admits to having ignored certain symptoms of “thyroid cancer”. These include dry skin and fragile hair. Warning signs she ignored when she was 27.

Christina McKnight, now 35, says she didn’t care about the symptoms, which she thought were the result of work stress. It was her husband, Matthew McKnight, 36, who forced her to see a doctor. Worried, his doctor made him pass examinations at the hospital. That’s how the content creator from Oklahoma City, USA found out she was suffering from thyroid cancer in the fall of 2014.

@xtinamcknight My husband literally had to MAKE me go to the doctor because i kept thinking it was just my promotion at work… he could see I was struggling way more than what was normal with all of the symptoms. #thyroidcancersurvivor #thyroidcancer #thyroidectomy #thyroidcancersucks #lifewithoutathyroid #nothyroidgang #nothyroidnoproblem #papillarythyroidcancer #greenscreen ♬ original sound – Lucia

Christina was able to be treated in time

After learning of the diagnosis following the ultrasound and the biopsy done by her doctor, Christina McKnight still decides to seek a second opinion. Following which, she went all the way and underwent a “thyroidectomy” in November 2014 followed by “radioiodine ablation treatment” in January the following year. The mum-of-five-year-old son then underwent thyroid replacement injections to replace the lost hormones. “I share my story, not to scare people, but to remind them to be careful if you feel any changes and to go to the doctor.”, she had urged her fans on the social network.

Dry skin and fragile hair... These harmless signs hid a devastating diagnosis

Dry skin and fragile hair… These harmless signs concealed a devastating diagnosis © Pexels

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