You may not know it, but Dry January was born in the United Kingdom. This is a campaign launched by the Alcohol Change UK organization in 2013. An appointment that is already well established. More and more people around the world are trying to meet this challenge of not drinking alcohol for the whole month of January. And if doctors are to be believed, the benefits are multiple. Better looking skin, improved sleep, weight loss and saving money. For those who have already embarked on the adventure, here are 5 tips to succeed and above all complete this challenge.

remove temptation

This is the first step to adopt. To hold on and not be tempted, it is best to get rid of alcohol at home. However, avoid waste by throwing all your bottles in the trash. You can simply store them in another room until the end of January.

Find a substitute

If you find cutting down on your alcohol intake more difficult than expected, there are alternative drinks available. This is an opportunity to test new cocktail recipes. Alternatives to sip around a good meal with family, friends or solo.

Play sports

Whether at home or at the gym, there’s nothing better than physical activity to take your mind off things. Do not hesitate to shake up your routine by changing your habits. Want to try yoga? Get started without further delay. This will allow you to keep a good state of mind throughout this challenge.

Surround yourself with loved ones

Is loneliness starting to weigh you down? Call on your loved ones! Support is an essential element in order not to flinch. And who knows, some members of your entourage might even join you. If not, note that there is Try Dry, an app created to help attendees.

Dramatize failure

Do you feel like you’ve ruined everything by having a little drink? Don’t give up if this is the case. Consider this small discrepancy as a simple error from which you can draw conclusions for the future. Resume your challenge at full speed and don’t be too hard on yourself! Courage, only a few more days to go.

Dry January 5 tips for a successful alcohol-free month


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