An unusual scene was filmed on Tuesday August 3, 2021 aboard a plane. During a flight in the United States, the crew had no choice but to tape an alcoholic passenger to his seat to prevent him from moving, and to disrupt the journey of other passengers. As the American channel NBC News reported on its website, a 22-year-old young man by the name of Maxwell Berry boarded a flight from Philadelphia to Miami. Visibly drunk during this trip, the passenger attacked two flight attendants by touching their chest.

Subsequently, the young man attacked a flight attendant on the plane, insulting him first, before starting to hit him. Faced with the violence Maxwell Berry demonstrated during this flight, the crew decided to tie him to his seat with chatertone. In the end, the agitated passenger was arrested by Miami police as he got off the plane. For its part, the flight crew was suspended for the duration of the investigation. The airline that organized the flight on which this incident occurred explained that the personnel involved were suspended while continuing to receive their pay while an investigation was carried out. This is a “standard procedure”.

On Saturday, the passenger of a flight to the US, visibly drunk, allegedly touched the chest of 2 hostesses before insulting and hitting a flight attendant. He was tied to his seat with chatertone. The flight personnel were suspended for time. from the / Qoa6Jf0wwc

– Antoine Llorca (@antoinellorca) August 4, 2021

The company explains that the personnel involved were suspended while continuing to receive their pay for the time of the investigation. A “standard procedure”.

– Antoine Llorca (@antoinellorca) August 4, 2021

Another image of the Frontier airline passenger strapped to his seat with

– Antoine Llorca (@antoinellorca) August 4, 2021

Passenger dicked with scotch on a flight to Dallas

This is not the first time that a passenger who is a little too indelicate has found himself immobilized in his seat in this way in a plane. Also in the United States, the staff of an American Airlines flight was forced to tape a passenger to her seat to prevent her from leaving the plane in mid-flight on Tuesday July 6, 2021. No less than 5 people were needed to immobilize the passenger in question, who also bit and injured a flight attendant in the chaos. The latter has since been hospitalized and banned from flying on American Airlines, while an investigation is also carried out.

Incident on a plane © Lionel Urman

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