A magnificent friendship … In 1986, Drew Barrymore gave the answer to Keanu Reeves in the TV movie Babes in Toyland. If the pretty brunette was only eleven years old when the latter was filmed, they had stayed in touch and then became friends. While the actor was a guest on his show Tuesday, December 21, 2021, Drew Barrymore unveiled a nice memory. She said: “I was in a club and it was my 16th birthday and you walked in – this is what I remember, if you have anything to add or change if you do. – please let me know – you walked in, you grabbed my hand, you took me outside, you put me on your motorbike and we rode at the fastest speed of my life. “

Happy to have had this experience with Keanu Reeves, the actress explained, “We went and you took me on the trip of my life. And I was so free, I was such a free human being. . It was just that moment where I remember loving life and being so happy. That memory is close to my heart because the older we get, the harder it is to have that feeling. ” With a smile on his face, the actor asked him for more details. “I think it was on Third Street in Los Angeles. And then I think we definitely took off on Third, then we drove for a while, then we came back and I came back. I don’t remember if you Have entered or not, ”she recalled. Enthusiastic, she added: “You can’t have a better 16th birthday than by being put on a motorcycle and understanding what freedom is!” Alas, the actor could not remember this evening …

Best birthday ever ?! Drew recalls taking a joyride on the back of Keanu Reeves’ motorcycle during her sweet sixteen. Watch more: https://t.co/NNEM0xpSxa pic.twitter.com/EMefWqKLqF

– The Drew Barrymore Show (@DrewBarrymoreTV) December 21, 2021

The moving confidences of Drew Barrymore

On the set of her show, the pretty brunette regularly shares memories of her childhood and adolescence. Last September, it was when she returned to the psychiatric hospital in which she had been placed that she confided in tears: “I was a real wild child and I got so out of control that no one knew. what to do with me. They brought me here in the middle of the night and took me through these two doors and when you go through these two doors you don’t come out. And I was there for a year and a half. “

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