Drew Barrymore: this look goes barefoot in the streets of New York that challenges

The downside of being a celebrity is that nothing goes unnoticed, even the most ridiculous moments. And as Drew Barrymore strolled quietly through the streets of New York on Monday, the paparazzi lens couldn’t help but notice the odd look sported by the Charlie’s Angels actress. Gray t-shirt and jogging, so far nothing abnormal. The actress may be returning from a sports session, where she quite simply aligns with the look of confinement that has been rife since last year. No, what torments the Web is: why does Drew Barrymore not wear a coat or shoes, when it is barely 8 ° C in New York? A milder weather would also have justified the absence of a jacket, but not really that of shoes, rather recommended for walking the sidewalks of The Big Apple. In addition to these somewhat intriguing details, Frankie and Olive’s mother displayed a face – admittedly masked – without makeup and a loose mane. A rather natural look in short, for Drew Barrymore who also declares that he does not want to do cosmetic surgery.

Drew Barrymore, proponent of naturalness

During an episode of her show, The Drew Barrymore Show, which aired last February, the actress said: “I know myself, I’m a very dependent person. If I give the slightest injection, I look like Jocelyne Wildenstein (the woman chat, editor’s note) by the end of the week. ” Partisan of the natural, Drew Barrymore prefers to age without artifice. “I wish there was a way to let go and let life go a little bit more. We’re going to get old, things are going to get tough, and that’s okay, it’s part of the story. life. I feel more human and more vulnerable with each passing year, but I also know how to appreciate them more and more. And I’m a little crazy “, confided the actress.

Drew Barrymore © Zuma Press

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