Desperate gesture. At the beginning of February, a tragedy shook all of America following the death of a 12-year-old boy who committed suicide. Drayke was an ordinary teenager, living in Utah with his parents. Until he came home from school in early February with a black eye. Having already been the victim of school harassment in 2021, the teenager was quickly questioned by his parents who regularly asked him if everything was fine at school. Measures were also quickly taken since, as People reports, the student who harassed Drayke had been temporarily expelled from his school as a punishment. But the bullying didn’t end, and despite frequent questions from parents, Drayke committed suicide on February 9, 2022, after asking his parents for permission not to go to his basketball practice.

According to the words of Drayke’s parents who spoke to the KUTV channel, they regularly asked him the question to find out if he had no suicidal thoughts, to which the young boy replied no. “He was like ‘no no’ and he almost looked disgusted that I was asking him the question,” his mother said. Only when the family returned from a day at work on Feb. 9 did they discover Drayke’s lifeless body and quickly realize the teen had tried to kill himself. His death was not pronounced until the following day, February 10, 2022. Rather than mourning in private, Drayke’s family decided to speak publicly about this tragedy in order to raise awareness among children and adults about school bullying.

The parents of the victim want to raise awareness of school bullying

The ‘Do it for Drayke’ movement has been launched to encourage families and institutions to advocate kindness and take action, and a fundraiser has been created to help the boy’s family pay for his funeral. Drayke’s parents also hope to open a real debate on the causes of the harassment. They explained that, according to them, the one who harassed their son and who pushed him to suicide also feels unwell. “In a sense, the bully was also a victim, and we need to find a way to teach our children that the world is broken, but they are the generation that will fix it.” If you are the victim of harassment, the number 30 20 is a free listening and support number.

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