Monday, September 13, a terrible accident shook the city of San Francisco, in the United States. Amy Adams, 41, was at the train station with her dog that day. She gets into a metro train with the latter, kept on a leash, and gets out at the very last moment. “She seemed to be greeting someone,” the transport company said in a statement. The metro doors closed before the dog could get out. And this is where the drama arises.

“The train left with the dog inside, and the woman was dragged onto the track.” This is what took place in front of the eyes of shocked witnesses, Monday, September 13 in the early afternoon. According to some American media, such as the Los Angeles Times, the animal’s leash had to be wrapped around its owner’s waist. If the forties unfortunately died as a result of the accident, the dog was not injured.

Animals are not allowed in metro trains

An investigation is currently underway in order to understand the real circumstances of the tragedy. In fact, the presence of animals is not allowed in the metro trains, except if they are in boxes or cages. The only exception to the rule: assistance dogs for the visually impaired. “There was no visual indication that the dog was a service animal, but this is under investigation,” the transport company said.

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