Heather Garcia, a mother of 5 children died during events that were astonishing to say the least. Heather Garcia celebrated her niece’s birthday on a “party bus” in Los Angeles on Sunday night, January 30. On Monday, January 31, she would have been 30 years old. The mum-of-5 was dancing on the bus when she suddenly tripped. She fell backwards towards the door of the moving bus. Curiously, the door to the anniversary bus opened according to ABC7. Shortly before 3 a.m., California Highway Patrol officers attended the crash site.

Officers say that not only did Heather Garcia end up off the bus, but she also got hit by a car. “Investigators say Garcia was struck by a moving vehicle,” People magazine reported. The driver of the vehicle that hit Ms. Garcia remained at the scene and cooperated with California Highway Patrol officers. Heather Garcia was pronounced dead at the scene. She leaves behind her husband Rafael Corral and 5 orphans.

No one knows why the birthday bus door opened

The case is still ongoing. The relatives of Heather Garcia, including her husband Rafael Corral and her brother Juan express their incomprehension vis-à-vis this strange drama. “I don’t know how the door opened. Nobody knows how it opened. The door shouldn’t have opened,” Juan told CBSLA. Heather Garcia’s husband, an Army veteran, told ABC7, “It’s just a nightmare…it shouldn’t have happened. It should never have happened.”

Heather Garcia © People

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