In the end, that’s kind of what we like about going to the circus: the brilliantly mastered danger of each of the artists. In front of the performances of acrobatics and aerobatics, our eyes are wide and our heart pounding. But if the show usually ends with the applause of the captivated audience, sometimes the discipline can be ruthless.

On the evening of July 29, emergency services intervened in a circus in Kent, south-east London, after a trapeze artist fell from the roof of the marquee during a performance. In the middle of a show, the latter fell 9 meters in front of shocked spectators, as The Sun relates. A firefighter who was not on duty, and who attended the scene alongside his family, rushed to the artist’s aid. Later that night, the young woman was seen talking to doctors, and moving her feet. A priori, the latter would have suffered a fracture to the shoulder and possible injuries to the spine. She was taken to hospital after being examined at the scene of the tragedy.

The spectators, witnesses of the fall in the circus, in all their states

On social networks, the spectators shared the facts, still shocked by the show they attended. “I just witnessed a horrible incident where a trapeze artist fell from a good 30 feet (equivalent to 9 meters) directly on the ground,” says a woman on the internet. Others also went there with their comment: “Absolutely shocking incident to see”, “I hope she will be okay”. Parents of younger children said their children had asked questions about the young woman before falling asleep. Fortunately, his days are not in danger.

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