September 5, 2021 will forever be a dramatic date for this American family. That day, she went to Glenwood Caverns Adventure Park in Colorado, USA. And the unmissable merry-go-round of the latter is none other than the Haunted Mine Drop. The principle ? Free fall from 33.5 meters high, hanging securely in your seat. Impossible for the little Wongel Estifanos, 6, to miss this attraction. Unfortunately, the little girl lost her life there.

Installed on the seat of the merry-go-round, Wongel Estifanos fell more than 30 meters and died instantly. And for good reason, the latter was obviously not attached as it should have been. As reported by Cnews, the girl sat on the belt that had remained locked since the last lap of the merry-go-round. The seat in question was indeed empty the previous lap, and the operator had not unlocked the seat belts between the two laps. However, before the merry-go-round starts again, the machine warns him of a seat belt problem. The operator therefore goes to the girl and checks that her belt is indeed engaged … without seeing that it is under her buttocks, and not around her waist. The merry-go-round still refusing to start, the operator therefore initiates the start manually. This is where the drama takes place.

“The fatal accident was the result of several operator errors”

The investigation report assures that “the fatal accident was the result of several operator errors, in particular the failure to ensure correct use of the passenger restraint system (seat belts) and a lack of understanding and for resolving human machine interface (HMI) screen error conditions on the control panel “. While the park reopened on September 11, the Haunted Mine Drop attraction, on the other hand, remains closed for the time being.

A Go Found Me page has been opened to help little Wongel’s family cover funeral and other expenses during this difficult time.

Various facts © Go Fund Me

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