The rape took place in an empty room in the basement of a building on the Stanford University campus. The rape took place in broad daylight according to the victim’s statement. She was working in her office around 12.30pm when a man entered the room, the Daily Mail reports. The man then grabbed her and forced her down into the basement. It was in the basement of the campus building that she was raped. Citing the press release issued by Stanford University, the Daily Mail reports that the raped woman did not give many details about her attacker.

However, we learn that the rapist is an “adult man”. There is no information on whether he is a student or an employee of the university. In addition, the anonymous woman did not wish to file a complaint and even less to give details to the police. She approached a mandatory reporter who passed the details on to campus police and the DPS, according to details from the Daily Mail.

Two similar rapes in a few months at the Stanford campus

On August 9, around 5 p.m., a woman was forcibly dragged by a man from a parking lot. She was raped in a bathroom near Wilbur Hall, a large residence hall complex on campus, according to the Daily Mail. Like the victim of Friday, October 7, this woman had wished to remain anonymous and shared almost no information with the authorities. On the other hand, she gave a more or less precise description of her rapist and confirmed that she had already seen him before the attack.

The victim speaks of a man “being 1.80 m tall and thin, with a beard and brown eyes”. The Daily Mail also reports the case of rapist Brock Turner who raped a 22-year-old woman near a dumpster in 2015. “Stanford University was hit by a major rape scandal in 2015, when student Brock Turner sexually assaulted a 22-year-old woman after a college fraternity party in January 2015,” the Daily Mail said.

Dragged out of her office on a prestigious campus, she is raped in a basement

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