It’s a love story that ends sadly. As TMZ reported, Nicole Young filed for divorce from Dr. Dre. Monday, June 29, the lawyer filled out the official papers in Los Angeles. She ended a 24 year marriage. And if we thought that the American rapper and producer could therefore be on the verge of losing millions in his divorce, it is not so … Almost a month after Nicole Young’s request, Dr. Dre has also sign the documents and revealed that there was a pre-nuptial contract. In her divorce petition, the lawyer asked for alimony but also an equal division of their fortune. Dr Dre, through his lawyer, agreed to pay him a monthly sum but refused a distribution of his property, arguing that it should be governed by their prenuptial agreement.

Good news for the music mogul, at the head of a real fortune, amassed from a young age. As a reminder, Dr Dre married the lawyer in 1996 and they have two adult children together. The age of their sons Truice, 23, and their daughter Truly, 19 means the child support is not for them but for Nicole Young. The famous producer would weigh no less than $ 820 million, making him the fourth richest rapper in the world behind P. Diddy ($ 885 million), Jay Z ($ 1 billion) and Kanye West ($ 3.2 billion). dollars). The majority of his money comes from the sale of his brand, Beats Electronics, of which he owned just over 20%. According to Forbes, he sold it to Apple in 2014 for a whopping $ 3 billion. Of the $ 2.6 billion Apple paid in cash, an additional $ 295 million was spent on debt repayment, leaving Dr. Dre just over $ 500 million.

A surprise divorce

But within a few years, Dr. Dre would have blown up a good chunk of his fortune. He, who has long described himself as “the richest rapper”, has spent a lot over the years on the property (he paid $ 40 million for Tom Brady and Gisele Bundchen’s Los Angeles home) and charitable donations (along with Beats co-founder Jimmy Iovine, he gave $ 70 million). The ex-spouses made their last public appearance at the Tom Ford fashion show with their daughter Truly in February. And the divorce seemed a long way off … Dr. Dre had mentioned his birthday plans with his wife: “I decided to keep it low this time. I’m going to have some friends and my wife is going to boil a crab for me. I love crab. We’re just going to throw and knock in my backyard. ”

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