Kenneth Atkinson, 54, is suspected of having killed his brother and his partner. To get there, he had enlisted the help of his 31-year-old nephew, Nathan. Ray and Natasha’s family had been awaiting the arrest of the couple’s killers for over a year. After a long investigation and the hard work of the police, they finally are.

It had been a long time since investigators suspected Kenneth Atkinson, a former prison guard, for the murder of Ray and Natasha. But the evidence was insufficient for a long time. The story, reported by the Daily Mail, dates back to 2019. That year, the father of the Atkinson brothers died without leaving a will. Kenneth and Ray then engage in a legal battle over the succession of their father. Nearly $ 400,000 is at stake. But one morning in 2020, Ray and Natasha are found dead in the basement of an Oregon house, which belonged to the late father. The couple died from blunt trauma.

“Death is too easy. I want them to suffer,” says the father of one of the victims

The victims’ families have been relieved since the arrest of the two men. The couple were due to get married in the spring of 2021, unfortunately they were given death before. “They are finally going to get justice,” Natasha’s sister said. The father of the young woman has meanwhile told the press that he would agree with a life sentence for the two alleged culprits. “Death is too easy. I want them to suffer,” he said.

For now, Kenneth Atkinson and his nephew are both being held in Deschutes County Jail without bail. They were heard in court for the first time on October 4.

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