If there is one trend that you have to adopt this winter if you haven’t already, it is that of “Dopamine Dressing”. Yes it sounds great, but what is it exactly? Dopamine is a neurotransmitter produced by our brain that is also called the “happiness hormone” or the “pleasure molecule”. According to the CNRS, it influences our behavior by giving it a feeling of pleasure and well-being. Dressing is an English term that generalizes the art and way of dressing. To summarize, the “dopamine dressing” would simply be the fact of using fashion to boost your mood.

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The phrase was coined by Libby Page, NET-A-PORTER’s Market Director after spotting a dramatic shift in customer demand coming out of lockdown. The desire was now for prints, bright colors, surprising combinations; in short, to a much more optimistic, exciting and playful fashion. Fashion psychology expert and author of The Psychology of Fashion, Professor Carolyn Mair PhD confirms that consumers aware of their newfound freedom crave “dressing outrageously, wearing colorful clothes to really be seen”.

Dopamine dressing: Trend 2023

A key trend of 2022, dopamine-boosted fashion flooded the spring/summer shows. Between the color block of Versace, the flashy pink of Balanciaga, the acid green seen at Bottega Veneta and at Gucci, the unexpected associations of Jacquemus through the floral motifs that adorned the silhouettes of Agatha Ruiz de la Prada and Armani; the fullness of vitality was reached. Good news, it’s back for a round for 2023. Many stylists have opted for audacity and optimism for this winter and next summer. On the program: lamé, shiny, red, fuchsia pink, flashy fake furs. The patterns are not to be outdone with checks, flowers or trompe-l’oeil prints. From head to toe through accessories, daring ostentatious combinations is a passport to happiness. So if the winter blues win you over, exit the gray and put on a pink sweater instead!

Dopamine Dressing: Adopt the trend to see life in pink this winter

Adopt the dopamine dressing to be in a good mood this winter © Instagram

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