Donald Trump: why his son’s fiancée had two broken wrists at her wedding

In 2014, Donald Trump was delighted to see his second son, Eric Trump, become a married man when he said “yes” for life to producer Lara Yunasaka, under the watchful eye of his mother, Ivana Trump, of Melania. Trump and his entire family. But according to the information of this Friday, September 18 of the British tabloid The Mirror, this union could have been disturbed by bad luck. Namely, the bride appeared at the ceremony with both wrists broken. An injury she owed to a riding accident.

But this incident, nor the casts she had to wear because of the fractures, cast no shadow on Lara Yunasaka’s big day. “These things happen”, she relativized in the columns of the American magazine People, a few days before her wedding. An accident which, however, did not push him to give up riding. “Most importantly, I still get to marry the love of my life on November 8th.” To better hide her injuries, she was able to receive help from her wedding planner and advice from a stylist. As a result, Lara Yunasaka joined Eric Trump’s family dressed in gloves.

They started their own families

Since then, the couple’s happiness has only grown. In 2017, Lara and Eric Trump became parents of a little boy who bears his father’s surname. Two years later, Donald Trump became a grandfather for the tenth time, when the lovebirds welcomed their second child. Lara Trump gave birth to a baby girl in August 2019. A birth announced on Twitter, the American president’s favorite social network, by the young dad. In the process, the Head of State responded with an enthusiastic Tweet: “Congratulations on the birth of Carolina Dorothy Trump. So proud!” Same story with Ivanka Trump, as the presidential clan is united.

A disturbed fairy tale © Zuma Press

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