Donald Trump: why he can no longer tweet

As Donald Trump lives the last days of his tenure as President of the United States, the country is torn between his supporters and his detractors. While the presidential election in December gave victory to Joe Biden with very narrow results, Donald Trump continues to claim that the election was fraudulent in some states and therefore its result is not valid. Many of his supporters continue to believe in his victory and gathered on January 6 in front of the Capitol in Washington to protest against the officialization of the victory of Joe Biden. This protest quickly turned into a riot when Trump supporters forced their way into the Capitol.

Donald Trump encouraged this demonstration

This protest was encouraged by Donald Trump himself, who said just before in a speech in Washington: “I know everyone here will be heading to the Capitol building soon. To peacefully and patriotically make your voice heard.” . As the riot began to escalate, he posted a video on Twitter where he advised all protesters to return home, but did not condemn their gesture and once again recalled that the election was rigged.

Donald Trump had never had an account suspension

Twitter and Facebook subsequently deleted this video from their network and both blocked Donald Trump’s account for a few hours. Twitter also indicated that if the president’s other controversial tweets were not deleted, his account could be permanently disabled. This is a great first, since Donald Trump’s accounts had never been deactivated despite many controversies. Very active on this social network, Donald Trump tweets a lot of times a day and recently used this to stir up the anger of his supporters over the so-called rigged election. Twitter had already hidden some of his tweets but had always refused to block his account, it is now done. It remains to be seen whether Donald Trump will withdraw the tweets in question or if he will take the risk of seeing his account permanently suspended.

Donald Trump © WALTER

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