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Donald Trump: why does he always wear ties that are too long?

Donald Trump was talked about a lot at the time of his election. And not always for political reasons. The President of the United States tends to break the rules of dress: he drops his tie beyond the buckle of the belt. Donald Trump wears suits from the Brioni brand, an Italian luxury brand. This is also where he buys his ties, and these have a special feature: they are longer than the standard models. Indeed, Brioni’s ties measure approximately 150 centimeters. Standard models measure 145 centimeters. An astonishing dress style that allowed him to be talked about a lot at the beginning of his mandate, something he particularly likes.

For the President of the United States, long tie = body goal!

And that’s not all ! No need to play sports anymore! Put on a long tie and you are ready for summer. That’s what Donald Trump would advise you. The President of the United States recommends wearing ties in this way, because according to him it would have a slimming effect. Eh yes ! “Normal” ties would accentuate the thickness of the belly, while long ties would hide the abdomen.

Twitter account dedicated to Donald Trump’s ties

And these overly long tie stories got so much talk that they got their own Twitter account! @trumpsties, features photos of the president with overly long ties. Obviously parody clichés which aimed to caricature the President of the United States at the start of his mandate.

Donald Trump on November 1, 2020 © Zuma Press / Bestimage

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