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Donald Trump: this incredible revelation on his discharge from the hospital

Music inspired by Marvel blockbusters, a helicopter lands on a green lawn in Washington, plane on the wheels of the machine, the door opens, the staircase unfolds … and it’s not Captain America coming out of the machine but Donald Trump. After three days of hospitalization in Maryland as a preventive measure after contracting Covid-19, the President of the United States returned to the White House, visibly invigorated, with two thumbs up, the all in a staging worthy of Hollywood. But the scenario could have been even more exaggerated if the New York Times is to be believed.

Indeed, the American daily reports that a few hours before his release from the hospital, the American president submitted to his teams some ideas to make him return as a hero to his presidential home, to support the fact that he has defeated the coronavirus. , thanks to an expensive experimental treatment. And in addition to the helicopter, the husband of Melania Trump thought of arriving dressed in his eternal navy blue suit, and tearing his shirt to reveal a t-shirt with … the Superman emblem. A medical test live on television did not seem to be enough for him to do the show.

Hospitalization at an exorbitant cost

One more detail that would not have escaped the Americans, they who are already sorry to see their president arrive at the White House, taking care to remove his mask and put it in his pocket as if nothing had happened. . Worse still, it is the staggering bill of his hospitalization that has been talked about a lot in recent days, and this in particular because it is not available to everyone.

In fact, the total cost of Donald Trump’s hospitalization could amount to $ 100,000, including $ 40,000 in helicopter costs. The rest of the amount includes the test carried out by the president, which already costs around a hundred dollars, his experimental treatment with Remdesivir, billed between 2340 and 3120 dollars, but also its sequel. A “luxury” that the some 500,000 Americans taken in charge by hospitals since the start of the pandemic have probably not been able to afford, and that they will have to pay the billionaire.

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