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Donald Trump: this exorbitant bill for his hair that is controversial

It’s a report that shouldn’t help Donald Trump climb back up in the polls just weeks away from the US presidential election. Indeed, the New York Times made public tax information concerning and implicating him. While the daily assures that he would not have paid income tax in 10 of the 15 previous years arrived at the White House, he would on the other hand, shell out a large sum of money for his famous haircut. hair. This is a five-digit invoice. Indeed, it would have cost him no less than 70,000 dollars. But that’s not all, he also hired no less than nine people to take care of the hair and makeup of his daughter, Ivanka Trump. All for the pretty sum of 95,000 dollars.

Since his arrival at the head of the United States of America, Donald Trump’s hairstyle has never ceased to be talked about. Lately, he even made the decision to revise the standards on showers that would not allow him to have perfect hair. Standards established in 1992 limit the flow of water to 9.5 liters per minute, which is deemed insufficient for washing hair, by the US president. “You take a shower, the water does not flow,” he denounced. A news that had not been appreciated at all by environmentalists who believe that such a change could waste enormous amounts of water and energy, and that it would increase bills and greenhouse gas emissions .

For Donald Trump, the report is “fake news”

For his part, Donald Trump called the New York Times report “fake news” but did not reveal his taxes. However, it is called upon to do so by many people.

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