Donald Trump: these cases that could lead him to jail once the White House leaves

The aftermath of the White House may not be easy for Donald Trump. On January 20, Joe Biden will be officially invested as the 46th President of the United States, forcing his predecessor to leave the Oval Office, even though he has still not admitted defeat. But the billionaire may well be talked about again afterwards, and this for legal reasons. Indeed, The Mirror has listed the ten potential “crimes” that could lead Donald Trump behind bars as a citizen, if the proof of violation is established.

The first of those crimes: Obstruction of justice, when Donald Trump ordered then-FBI Director James Comey to drop an investigation into former National Security Advisor Michael Flynn in the case of Russian interference. Then, claims of a “stolen” election could also bring the president to justice, who had also tried to tip the scales in his favor in Georgia with a phone call that caused controversy, while he is also accused of using the office of the presidency for personal gain, which is unconstitutional.

Donald Trump accused of sexual assault and rape

Also, he could also answer for his actions in the case of actress Stormy Daniels, whom he had instructed his lawyer to pay her in exchange for his silence regarding their affair, and could also be taken to court by the 30 women who accuse him of inappropriate behavior, but also of rape. If this case had been rejected by justice, in particular because of the presidential immunity of Donald Trump, he should, as a private citizen, be forced to present evidence to exonerate himself. He has also been prosecuted since 2017 for “defamation” by Summer Zervos, who accused her of inappropriate behavior, which he had denied outright.

Also, the Trump family’s real estate company is currently under investigation to determine whether it filed false real estate securities to secure loans or tax benefits, while in 2018, proceedings were also launched against it. of the President and his three eldest children for fraud for their endorsement as Celebrity Apprentice of ACN Opportunity LLC. If he can still grant himself a presidential pardon before handing over to Joe Biden, Donald Trump should however think twice before making his decision: a pardon can indeed constitute an admission of guilt, which could carry out “private” indictments.

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