Donald Trump: the new big defeat he has just suffered

Donald Trump will definitely end up hating the state of Georgia. While the result of the presidential election was long overdue in this state and finally sealed its defeat, a new election in Georgia favored the Democrats. Along with the presidential election, Americans elect their senators, separately from each other. Georgia had two senators, so there were two separate elections in addition to the presidential ones. No senator obtained the minimum number of votes required to be elected in the first round, ie 50% of the vote. A second round was therefore organized at the beginning of January.

Donald Trump made the trip to Gérogie

The stake was enormous since it did not concern only Georgia but the whole country: in the event of victory of the two democratic senators, the latter would have the same number of elected senators as the Republicans: the vice-president, in this case the vice-president, since it is Kamala Harris, would then have the last word. Aware of the stakes, Donald Trump had invested a lot in this election and had notably made the trip to Georgia. At a rally there on Monday, January 4, he urged his supporters to fight to retain the America they love and again confirmed that he does not accept the result of the presidential election.

Double victory for the Democrats

Penalty lost for the current president since the two Republican candidates David Perdue and Kelly Loeffler lost the elections, respectively defeated by Jon Ossoff and Raphael Warnock. As in the presidential election, the scores were very tight and the final result was not known until January 6. The election of Raphael Warnock, a black pastor who officiates in the church that was once Martin Luther King’s is very symbolic since he is the first black senator to be elected in Georgia. For his part, Jon Ossof will become at 33 the youngest Democratic senator to be elected since a certain Joe Biden in 1973. With these two victories, the Democrats will have a majority in the Senate and will ensure Joe Biden has a free hand when he wants to pass a law. It remains to be seen whether Donald Trump and his party also intend to contest the result of this election, which represents for them a new snub.

Donald Trump © Zuma Press

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