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Donald Trump: return to the biggest scandals of his mandate

Given the loser in the polls, Donald Trump could well launch his place, in the coming days, to Joe Biden. In four years in the Oval Office, the 45th president in the history of the United States has racked up scandals. On the occasion of the American presidential election on Tuesday, November 3, Closer invites you to come back to these cases which will forever mark Donald Trump’s first (and last?) Term.

Donald Trump and the X actress

In January 2018, the American media revealed that Stormy Daniels, a pornographic actress, would have received a large sum of money in exchange for her silence about a sexual intercourse she allegedly had with Donald Trump, in 2006 while Melania , the wife of the US president, was pregnant. In a book released a few months later, the young woman gives details of this supposed sexual relationship with the future President of the United States: “I am lying there, annoyed to be fucked by a guy with Yeti’s pubis and a dick like the mushroom character in Mario Kart (…) It was perhaps the least impressive sex I’ve ever had, but clearly he didn’t share that opinion. ”

Donald Trump and the rape accusations

In February 2020, it is E. Jean Carroll, an American journalist, who accuses Donald Trump of having raped her in the mid-1990s. She then tells of having met the businessman in the lingerie section of a department store and that the latter followed her to the changing rooms to assault her. Defense of the US President: “I’ll say that with full respect. One, that’s not my type of woman. Two, that never happened. It never happened, okay?”

Donald Trump and phantom taxes

Last September, the New York Times made astonishing revelations about the taxation of Donald Trump, considered one of the richest men in the United States. Indeed, according to information from the American newspaper, the President of the United States would have paid only 750 euros in taxes the year of his election. “He has paid no income tax at all in ten of the previous fifteen years, largely because he has reported more money losses than gains,” says The New York Times. Response from Donald Trump: “Fake news!”

Donald Trump and the Covid-19

The United States is currently facing “a third wave” in the Covid-19 epidemic. In the middle of the first wave, last April, Donald Trump proposed a miracle solution to treat the sick: to inject them with bleach. “The disinfectant neutralizes this virus in a minute. Could we do something like an injection inside, like a cleaning,” he asked, very seriously, of the doctors in front of the cameras. A few weeks ago, the President was hospitalized after being affected by the coronavirus. The story does not say if he swallowed bleach.

Donald Trump and Hurricane Maria

In October 2017, Hurricane Maria hit the West Indies and killed several people. Donald Trump then went to Puerto Rico to affirm his support for the local populations affected by the passage of the meteorological phenomenon. But the American president shocks by launching himself in a demonstration of basketball with rolls of toilet paper which he throws in the crowd.

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