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Donald Trump: his message moved to Prince Harry on Meghan Markle

Donald Trump does not seem to digest the fact that Meghan Markle does not carry it in his heart. On Tuesday, September 22, the Duchess and Prince Harry appeared together on television for the first time to call for votes in view of the US presidential elections, which will be held next November. And the American president on this occasion allowed himself a small exit on the ex-actress of Suits, which is far from being his number 1 support.

“I am not a fan of her” thus launched Donald Trump during a speech at the White House reports the Daily Mail, the day after the appearance of Meghan Markle and Prince Harry on television. “I would like to say, and she will surely hear it, that I wish Harry the best of luck because he is going to need it”, launched the husband of Melania Trump, who does not seem to appreciate the many calls to the vote launched several weeks ago by the Duchess, who has shown her support for Joe Biden and her co-lister Kamala Harris.

Meghan Markle called “bad” by Donald Trump

Since their installation in the United States, Donald Trump has never failed to tackle the Sussex couple, whom he said he would not pay for their safety, while it was never question, always very upset that Meghan Markle always refused to meet him when she was a senior member of the royal family. To avoid the head of state at Buckingham Palace, she had thus invoked her maternity leave, drawing the wrath of the billionaire who had sharply tackled her.

“What can I say? That I did not know that she was mean?”, He had launched against the Duchess, before explaining his remark to the critics. “I didn’t say she was mean. I just said she was mean about me, so I found out that she was mean about me,” he corrected. If he had then multiplied the benevolent messages against him, it seems that his recent words have upset him, to the point of changing his mind again about Meghan Markle.

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