It’s not easy being Ivanka Trump’s little sister when she takes up a lot of media coverage. Indeed, for Tiffany Trump, Donald Trump’s second daughter, from her second marriage to Marla Marples, public speaking is more restricted and limited. Only, Saturday, October 17, 2020, in Florida, during a Pride event organized in Tampa as part of the re-election of the president, she was put on the front of the stage. Only, as reported by Madame Figaro, on the videos shared on social networks, the young woman does not seem at all to be comfortable. Despite the small audience, the 27-year-old has completely lost her means.

“The most embarrassing thing you will see this week,” even wrote socio-political activist Saint Hoax on his Instagram account, caption of the video. As soon as she appears on stage, she doesn’t know what to do. While she wanted to arrive on the Black Eyed Peas hit, I Got a Feeling, she didn’t know if she should dance or greet her audience. If the form was not glorious, the substance of his speech is not either. She claimed to have homosexual people as her best friends because she was brought up in this tolerance. “My father has always been there for them,” she said. However, on social networks, many Internet users especially remember all those times when the current administration attacked homosexuals and transgender people, at work, at the army, at school.

This may be the worst speech I’ve ever seen.

– Molly Jong-Fast (@MollyJongFast) October 20, 2020

Tiffany Trump’s speech flops

If she tried to back up her speech by indicating that her father had been the first president to bring a gay man into the government, she failed to convince. For her third public speech since her father’s arrival at the White House, Tiffany Trump once again flopped.

Donald Trump and his daughter Tiffany © Backgrid

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