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Donald Trump: he accuses Joe Biden of cheating in a totally lunar speech

When he doesn’t get what he wants, Donald Trump wreaks havoc. Since November 3, the 45th President of the United States and Joe Biden have been neck and neck in the first results of the presidential election, with however a lead for the Democratic candidate, six votes to be elected by the greats voters. A result that does not at all please the tenant of the White House, who has already announced that he would resort to justice if he lost the ballot, while accusing his rival of cheating.

“If we count the legal ballots, I win easily, if we count the illegal ballots, they could try to steal this election from us,” explains Donald Trump, who points out that he has already won many states, such as Florida, Indiana or Ohio, and denounces the “interference of technology companies, the media, large fortunes, the counting officials were wrong, the polls are ridiculous, there was no blue wave but rather a red wave, “he adds.

Donald Trump: “If you count the legal ballots, I win easily” pic.twitter.com/w04PhOO0Jy

– BFMTV (@BFMTV) November 5, 2020

Donald Trump connects victory tweets

This behavior of Donald Trump, many specialists feared it so much throughout his campaign, the Republican candidate multiplied the warnings against the risks of fraud, but also the advance votes that he does not consider to be real votes. Visibly unhappy at being about to lose this election, the husband of Melania Trump, who went to vote in an overpriced outfit, has already indicated that he would seize the Supreme Court to challenge the results in the event of victory of Joe Biden. He who the very evening of the elections was already shouting victory in many hallucinating tweets, in defiance of democracy.

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