Donald Trump depressed: he lives as a recluse in the White House and watches TV

His defeat he does not accept. Two weeks after the US presidential election, Donald Trump has still not officially recognized his defeat to Joe Biden. The President of the United States continues to insist that the votes were rigged and that he largely won the election against his Democratic opponent. And for the moment, he does not listen to his relatives or Michelle Obama, who sent him a powerful message … According to his relatives, Donald Trump is even downright depressed. While waiting for the continuation, the husband of Melania lives recluse in the White House by sending back those who dare to challenge him. According to Business Insider, the President of the United States has even decided to cancel his plans for Thanksgivings, a party he was supposed to spend in Mar-a-Lago. “Holiday Planning Update: The Potus and Flotus will be celebrating the Thanksgiving holiday this year at the White House,” their spokesperson said.

In place ? He would spend his days refreshing his Twitter feed and watching the cable channels. Because if the President of the United States has hardly made a public appearance for eleven days, he is however very active on social networks. Donald Trump’s aides told the New York Times that “the president’s mood is often gloomy.” For one official, the President of the United States is even “in bunker mode”. “He is even more anchored in his position than he was at the beginning, he assured. He believes that this is his base for 2024, and that half of the country brings together warriors who are fighting for him, and that he must continue to fight. ” Since the start of the results announcements, Donald Trump has also multiplied aggressive tweets and often written in capital letters to challenge the victory of President-elect Joe Biden. And when he doesn’t use it for that, he uses it to announce the dismissal of those he no longer trusts.

What if Donald Trump does not give up his place?

A few days ago, he separated from the director of the Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency. He had dared to write that he had “no evidence that a voting system suppressed or lost votes, altered votes or was compromised in any way.” Still hanging on his seat, Donald Trump worries his relatives. “In the White House we continue to work considering that Trump is going to have a second term,” said Peter Navarro, one of the outgoing president’s economic advisers, on Fox Business. I think it is really important […] to understand that we want verifiable ballots, a ballot that can be certified and an investigation into the growing number of allegations of fraud made by witnesses who have signed written affidavits. ” Normally, the handover of power between the two men should take place on January 20. But as the date draws closer, the concern grows. What if he decides not to give up his place?

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