An imminent divorce? For several months, the relationship between Donald and Melania Trump seems to have deteriorated. There are many times when Internet users have noticed abnormal gestures in public on the part of the former First Lady of the United States. While many believed the end of the couple was approaching, would it be? In an interview with Newsmax TV on Monday, June 28, the former US president spoke of his wife. Curious, the presenter did not hesitate to ask him for his news, to which Donald Trump did not wish to respond directly. “It’s very funny. She’s a very confident woman. She was very successful as a model, very successful. And she’s low-key but not exactly low-key. People love her,” he first explained. Subsequently, he sidestepped the subject altogether: “For example, I will be giving a speech in Ohio soon, there will be a lot of people, there will be signs that read ‘We love our First Lady. People love their First Lady and we never read that in the media, the media love to marginalize her, and that’s how it is too bad, she does not care, “he said before adding:” You know , she has enormous self-confidence, ”concluded Donald Trump. So a question remains … how is Melania Trump?

An image that we will not forget. If the rumors of a possible divorce between Donald Trump and his wife continue to emerge, it is also because the behavior of Melania Trump was sometimes very ambiguous. On January 20, while Joe Biden was invested as the 46th President of the United States, the couple was filmed when they arrived in Florida where they planned to settle. Images that did not go unnoticed since, as she got off the plane, Melania Trump completely snubbed her husband. Used to pushing Donald Trump’s hand away during certain trips, she had, this time, simply glanced at the photographers and cameras waiting for her and had not paid attention to her husband. A behavior that had been commented on a lot by Internet users since it seemed quite simply relieved to leave the White House and its obligations. Most recently, Donald Trump celebrated his 75th birthday in Bedminster, New Jersey. In a video posted on social networks, he could be seen in the company of guests present to celebrate him. However, one person was missing … Melania Trump. An absence that has again fueled rumors of a separation between the couple.

Donald and Melania Trump, will they divorce soon?

As speculation about an impending divorce continues to emerge, what does the main affected think? If she has been very discreet for several months, her former assistant, Omarosa Manigault Newman, had not hesitated to confide in the columns of Mail Online, a few weeks before her departure from the White House. “Melania counts the minutes until he loses her job and she can get a divorce. If she had tried to humiliate him by leaving him during his tenure, he would have found a way to punish her,” she said. asserted. Has Melania Trump finally made the decision to leave Donald Trump?

Donald and Melania Trump © WALTER

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