Donald Trump continues to be talked about. For several weeks, the latter has been at the center of attention following comments made by Stormy Daniels, who spoke of an alleged affair with the former American president. After having sex with the latter, Donald Trump would have liked to buy his silence. Facts that he quickly wanted to deny and he went to the New York court for his indictment. However, he could not count on the support of Melania Trump since his wife did not accompany her. Likewise a few days later during his speech in Palm Beach. The latter finally made a very unexpected appearance on Sunday April 9, since it was sitting next to her in the dining room of Mar-a-Lago that we could see her. According to information published by Page Six this Wednesday, April 12, Donald Trump would have insisted a lot. “He said to her, ‘I really need you for this because we’re going to campaign,’ a source told the newspaper. The same person clarified that they then had a ‘great discussion’ which convinced Melania Trump to be on his side.

Melania Trump came to support her husband for an evening for a dinner to which no one else was invited. Indeed, only the Trump couple was at this table and concerning the reason, another close source made some confidences. “I think she wanted to show her support, but didn’t want to talk about any of this stuff,” she explained, referring to the many misdemeanors Donald Trump has recently been charged with, due to his alleged crimes. A first appearance which could not be the last since it would seem that Melania Trump has agreed to be the support of her husband. As a reminder, the latter has announced his intention to be elected president again and is campaigning for a second term. However, it is in all discretion that Melania Trump will be present. “Melania is not currently or has not recently participated in her husband’s political activities,” a source told the tabloid. Another said that being “usually low-key and withdrawn has served her well in the series of scandals affecting her husband. I guess he will continue to be that way.” Hidden support.

Donald Trump: is he cold with his wife Melania?

The smallest acts and gestures of Donald Trump make a lot of talk, especially since the latter is at the center of attention. On April 4, he appeared at a criminal hearing in a New York court, following the facts alleged by Stormy Daniels. A few days later, he gave a speech in which he…completely forgot about Melania Trump. Indeed, he did not fail to thank all the members of his family, except his wife. “I have a son here, who has done a great job, and I have another son, who has also done a great job; but also Tiffany, and Ivanka”, he first before have a thought for his youngest son Baron, aged 17. “And Baron will be amazing one day. He’s tall and smart. But I have an amazing family and they did a fantastic job, I’m very grateful for that,” he concluded. But why didn’t he mention Melania Trump? An oversight that speaks volumes.

Donald Trump begging: cold with his wife Melania, he manages in extremis to make her stay by his side

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